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Updated on Dec 05, 2018

after 28 days of born my baby head is filled up with dry pieces of dirt? what is it? how can I remove them? why it comes?

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| Dec 05, 2018

hi Geethu Sivaprasad ! it could be cradle cap which usually clears between 6 to 12 months on its own.. however u could gently massage yr baby's hair in circular motion with olive oil or oil that suits him. let it be there for 20 to 40 minutes. rub it again gently . with a soft baby's comb or brush , gently comb his hair so that these flakes come out. then wash his hair with a mild shampoo. repeat this process once or twice in a week.

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| Dec 07, 2018

*kkk*GM hh#. 8kkĺ. ? ply 8u#mmn;ft typo lol was . &0y6ttt ६

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