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Updated on Jul 10, 2017

hi moms my 8 year daughter has migraine any moms have an idea in future she will be completely fine i am very much worried

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| Jul 10, 2017

hi Yamini! what docs have to say about it? have they been able to find out the reason for it? any one who has been through the same experience , please share your inputs.

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| Jul 14, 2017

Hi Yamini, I have had migraine since my childhood not that young but from my teenage years. I was advised to avoid 3 Cs Chocolate, cheese and Coffee. Actually that helped me to great extent esp after avoiding coffee and Cocoa. She should drink enough water, eat at the right time, have enough sleep and not feel stressed too much about anything. Simple Breathing exercise helps to relax and avoid headaches. When she gets headache, taking OTC medication immediately after the onset of symptoms, helps to reduce the duration of pain. if you wait, the pain would prolong for more time. But it's not advisable to take medicines often within the same month. I use hot water pack or Wash face with hot water esp around the ears, neck and eyes or even hot shower. The tension in these areas would trigger headache. Keep a note of how frequently she gets headaches and also try to note down the food she ate the previous day. There are certain food that can trigger headaches. If you see any pattern in food type, then try avoiding them. But if she gets headaches very frequently, you should consult a physician as it can affect her mood and studies too.

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