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Created by Renu Deshmukh
Updated on Apr 04, 2016

Can i predict my baby's mental development?? She is around 3 months old

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| Apr 04, 2016

Thank u so much shika. I wil follow your all suggestions. Thanx

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| Apr 04, 2016

Hi Renu Deshmukh! It would be great if u could elaborate a bit more on your query. What I understand is u would want to predict her IQ. it's quite early to test her intelligence as child is too small to perform any tests. What u could do to enhance her mental development would be to have light music in the background, give a stimulating environment with toys,follow a routine, try and make an eye contact and talk a lot with her. Tell her at each step what u r doing or going to do. for ex. "baby Mommy is going to feed u now", "mommy is taking u out to the park" while taking her to the park. sometimes we feel child is small and she won't understand what we r saying or doing. On the contrary child's brain is continuously learning and evolving by taking inputs from its environment. when she's say 4 or 5 months old, u could show picture books and read along. Children like repetition,so read her favorite bed time storybook everyday. So have a movativating, stimulating and a cheerful environment around her and soon u would see her grow into a smart happy child. Happy parenting! Tkcare!

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