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Updated on Oct 04, 2018

hello fellow mommies.. I have a little question for you.. hoping to find an appropriate answer... as we all know weather is at its worst an many kind of bacteria n virus are infecting and spreading fast... so both my kids got viral and were down with fever... A friend visited and started instructing me about how to maintain health and hygiene. I was confused when she said not to keep washing hands all the time or use too much sanitizer. She asked to wash hands before n after eating mostly. Do you agree? I tend to wash hands with Dettol a lot to maintain cleanliness. Any suggestions? What do you think?

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| Oct 04, 2018

hi Shubnita Singh ! she was right,overdoing of anything could be wrong.. ideally speaking hands should be washed before and after meals, after the use of washroom, when child comes from school or have visited a public place or when touched a dirty surface . here is a blog with more information on the same.

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