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Created by Lakshmi
Updated on Oct 21, 2014

Vomiting sensation:Hi Sir, My daughter is behaving some what strange only in the morning. When her mid term exams started. from that day she is not at all eating breakfast or milk. if at all i force then she will say vomiting sensation or vomits. I showed to the doctors. But they gave ten days gastric problem tablets. Again now she started the same. I am in confusion what to do. I  dont know whether she is afraid of anything or any matter. I asked everything she is telling ,no mom i am not afraid of anything. Just when i start feed her that time she will say some thing struck in her neck. she cant eat. but nothing is there problem as per doctors concern. Please suggest me something ,so that i can take care of my child.  

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| Oct 30, 2014

Thanks to everybody's suggestions.

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| Oct 29, 2014

Hi Lakshmi, Once her exams are over, you might want to take her for a thorough check up to rule out any problem. Also add a probiotic drink to her daily routine. this will keep gastro infections at bay.

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| Oct 28, 2014

Hi Lakshmi, maybe it is more from stress than anything else. try offering her simpler to eat and digest foods that she enjoys such as fruit custard, kheer etc. simple things that are simple to eat. laeter on, once she is better, bring her on track

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| Oct 28, 2014

Hi Lakshmi, once you have ruled out any sort of gastro issues, maybe she is nervous about exams etc but can't recognize her own nervousness. Just support her more than ever, be around, express more love and pampering, and keep reminding her that her performance in exams will not make any difference to how much you love her. Her anxiety maybe making it difficult for her to express herself or eat. Ask her what she wants to eat and give her that in however much quantity she wants... don't worry about food. Once the exams etc are over, then maybe watch out more closely if she continues with this complaint or not.

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| Oct 21, 2014

lakshmi - I suggest meeting another doctor, another gastro specialist, may be alsosomeone who has experience of handling children gastro issues.

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