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Gunjan Arora

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Dec 09, 2015

My daughter is 2. 5 months old . She has severe nose blockage due to wich she is facing problem in feeding and sleeping. Plz suggest

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abhilasha Ayyagari

| Dec 09, 2015

Hi Gunjan. You should definitely go to your paediatrician as they will provide you will appropriate nasal drops to give instant relief to the baby. As for home remedies, you may try this. Dry roast a handful of ajwain grains till they release fragrance. Place them in a handkerchief(while they are hot) and tie a knot to the handkerchief. Now place the handkerchief ( ensure that its not too hot for the baby's skin) alternately on baby's chest for 2-3 seconds and then on its forehead. Then place the kerchief a bit close to the baby's nose so that it can breathe the smell of ajwain. Do this while the baby is sleeping or after the baby's bath. Doing this 2-3 times a day will give your baby quick relief. Hope this helps. All the best!!!

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Anuradha H

| Dec 09, 2015

You can use saline nasal drops(one drop in each nostril). It is available in pharmacies. It also helps to take baby to a steamy bathroom and stay for few minutes to clear the nose. Just run the shower for few minutes till steam accumulates. Stop the shower and then take the baby in there for few minutes. Raise the head of the crib so that the head is slightly higher so that baby can breathe comfortably while sleeping.

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