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hi all... I have just joined this community..... and m really happy after reading all the info related to child ....I have a 3 yr old daughter..... I always get confused or have no idea about what shall I give her today to eat?? the big question which I face everyday..... as a parent m also concerned about her health..... 1. My day starts at 6 am.... breakfast for the papa and daughter... I always gv her upma, daliya , bread and milk, milkshakes, idli, dosa (urad dal wala dosa or other mixture of aata, besan, ragi, rice powder, add Onion, coriander,salt water mix all add masala if u like and make small pancakes) mostly she eats these as her breakfast... then she goes to school 2. school tiffin's always snacks or dosa biscuits snacks it's mostly soya sticks which she likes..... fruits also she takes 3. when she is back from. school by 12 pm .... she like to eat cucumber with black salt.... like her grandmother.... something eats or I make her ready for lunch ....12:30 lunch and that continues till 1:30pm max not after that. Lunch : rice,dal, one vegetable fry, or any other curry.... I actually don't cook anything special for her ... she has to eat what is made for lunch today.... I don't k ow whether it's good or bad?? she doesn't like sweet much 4. evening.... she has little tea with her grandfather with Marie biscuits.... or I give her biscuits with a glass of milk..... it's almost daily or an Apple or banana or milkshake 5. dinner..... she loves roti with milk , but I avoid giving her as she milk in the evening.... now this is right or wrong I have no idea?? as they grow up the amount of tantrums they throw also increases..... so sometime I have to agree with that roti and milk or its roti and sabji, or roti and dal or daliya at times.... finally... now I just wanted to know whether the way that m feeding my child is ok or do I need to improve somewhere or anything that I need to know ....plzzzzplzzzzplzzzz help me with your suggestions... any advice anything... thanks Tanu

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