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Healthy diet while pregnancy

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Created by Punita Thadani
Updated on Jun 19, 2015

Hi every1, as I'm pregnant what shd I add in my daily diet... My daughter is 20mnths old n whole day I'm busy with her n coz of that I'm not taking healthy diet... As my pregnancy is in 1st trimester. From The day when I conceived I feel very low n weakness. plz guide me.

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| Jun 25, 2015

Thanq every1????????

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| Jun 22, 2015

Dear Punita, it may not always be possible to have a balanced diet during pregnancy and especially so if there is another child to look after. I would strongly urge you to speak to your doctor and get some pregnancy supplements in addition to taking folic acid tablets which are essential in the first few months. Do check with your doctor who will prescribe you the necessary supplements from time to time through your pregnancy. Take care and do rest when you get the chance.

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| Jun 20, 2015

Hi Punita, congratulations for your second child and kudos to you for managing both your pregnancy and 20 month old, its hectic but you will be fine. As for your diet coconut water is very good, have loads of milk, cheese, curd. Also lots of salads. I had a lot of almonds too. Besides that I had loads of fresh juices as I was constantly thirsty.

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| Jun 19, 2015

Hi Punita, Try to take atleast 1 Litre of milk in any form (paneer, milk, cheese, curd). Intake lots of fresh fruit juices(avoid papaya and pineapple), salads, nuts. If you like coconut water, it is the best way to start your day with it :) All the best dear :)

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| Jun 19, 2015

HI Punita, Water is the most essential part of diet during pregnancy , drink tons of water, have all types of food (avoid junk) do not eat papaya, focus no spinach, ghiya,methi and all the green leafy vegetables. Do not forget to include citrus fruits like orange ,, broccoli,beans,yogurt are the most essential food to take. Try to have a balanced and rich diet including nuts, pulses,cereals. eggs can be eaten while raw fish is not recommended.. :) GOOD LUCK

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