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Kalaivani Venkatesan

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Apr 19, 2013

for my baby last onwards i started weaning, i feed her 2 times a day.. she is having digestion problems.. i gave ragi, tat also she cant digest.. now i changed to 1st bite organic food, it is also not digested.. i gave banana, orange for digestion as sugessted by my doctor.. but no use.. her motion is not regularised.. pls suggest me some usefull tips..

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Raj Kiran

| Sep 02, 2015

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| Apr 19, 2013

For teething to be trouble free give Calcarea Phos Homeopathic medicine which will help greatly. Try giving her curd rice or lassi or chaach which has probiotics that help baby's digestion. And yes don't mix food. Introduce only one new item every week. Ragi is very hard for even adults to digest even though its full of iron and nutrition so please avoid it at such a young age. Give her whatever you eat. She has your genes so whatever you digest easily, she will also digest. Do get a Doctor's advice and get all necessary tests done.

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| Apr 19, 2013

Hi Kalaivani. Teething may also cause loose motions. Your daughter could be teething, as you wrote in the other Parent Talk that she seems to be rubbing her ears more often than usual. My daughter had loose motion till her tooth came through and this happened with every tooth! Another reason could be that her system is getting used to the new food. You may introduce one food at a time and wait for 4-5 days to watch out for reactions or digestion problems. Have you introduced cow's milk to your baby? My son could not digest cow's milk at 8 months and had loose motions for over two weeks. He got better as soon as I stopped giving him regular milk. Also, as Bhavna suggested, she could be suffering from a stomach bug. In this case, you may need to get her checked by the doctor especially is she seems ill or gets fever. Take care.

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| Apr 19, 2013

hey kalaivani! you may want to check with the pediatrician again, it is possible that may have a stomach bug and need some antibiotics... insist on getting a through exam done for your baby and if need be take a second opinion too..

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