Heat rashes

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Created by Aksa Shaikh
Updated on Apr 14, 2016

Hello moms!!! My son is 8 months old he got heat rashes on his face and behind ears jst started. Let me knw which powder to b applied and how many times a day? And can i give my son bath 2 times coz of summer and its too hot at my place?

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| May 15, 2016

I used Libero powder when my LO got heat rash... usually any baby powder should work... I also applied emolene cream to my baby it helped him get rid of the rash...

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| Apr 14, 2016

Try applying pricky heat himalaya baby powder. It works well. You well see the results immediately. You can bath ur baby 2 times. It's good.

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| Apr 14, 2016

Hello Aksha Hooe you are well. Due to heat babies do get rashes. My son also often gets them and he has an extreme senstitive skin so I avoid applying powder instead I give him bath using organic Castrol oil during summer in the morning. I also bathe him in d night before his food this helps him have a peaceful sleep. I also use lukewarm water to bathe him. Keep the kid hydrated and give plenty of fluids and water to beat the heat. You may try and use this tip and hope it helps :)

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