Hello frndz. 6 mnth bany has so many rashes what should I do for him?? He cried so much. i put a diaper cream also but.. nthing change

Pavit Rydeh
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Updated on Mar 11, 2016


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Ishita Rathore

| Oct 21, 2016

My baby had a severe rashes n broken skin too ,I applied cadid-b cream on rash cream twice a day n calendula cream (homeopathic)thrice a day plus I changed her diaper every two hours including nights n before changing I use to dip a cotton in Luke warm water n rinse that area properly n within two days it was normal n yes pampers pants are the best diapers. once u get rid off rashes then use sebamed rash cream after every change.

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Vandhena Krish

| Jun 29, 2016

hi, change diaper every five hours though the diaper companies say it could last for 12 hours... it ll b irritating the baby..

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Anamika Sharma

| Jun 20, 2016

it's a very old method it's a little bit painful also but does wonders out some sarson Oil. he will cry for sometime but I'm 10 minutes there will be no rash

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Seher Baig

| Jun 11, 2016

"Sudo cream" for rashes work wonders. And remember to use coconut oil always before tieing the diaper.

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Haritima Pandey

| Mar 11, 2016

If rashes r coming thn don't use diapers for ur baby.. Wen rashes ll b heal thn use diapers . wash d area with warm water. Once show to d pediatrician. Nd chng d diaper brand and see.. Pampers is a good brand try tht..

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gayatri chadwa

| Mar 11, 2016

Try coconut oil or ghee..

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