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hello mommies pls share healthy vegetarian recipe for 2yr 6month old boy

1 to 3 years

Created by Sneha Arvind Sikaria
Updated on Jun 04, 2017

pls shsre veg recipe for my son he only lyk to eat aloo ddl chawal khicdi n small amount of roti. pls suggest some new recipe for him nd yes he to lyk noodle

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| Jun 05, 2017

try to prepare as much tasty finger food.. my son if 2. 3 is fussy eater too and .want to have food on his own... I prepare.. healthy vegg tikkies.. so that he can eat on his own without mess... you can add diff vegetables for diff day to enter all vegetables.. also try whole wheat pizza.. with all diff color veggies

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| Jun 04, 2017

Dear Sneha, l gave 1)vegetable pasta to my son. l chopped carrots, onion and a small piece of garlic. I boiled pasta and carrots together. Then after heating the pan , l use little bit of edible olive oil and do shallow fry of onion and garlic. Then l add boiled pasta and carrots. After mixing them well l add little bit sugar and salt for taste. 2)bread balls- Boil a small potato, carrot, green peas etc. Smash them well. Soak fresh breads in water. After squeezing out the water add it with the smashed vegetables. Add little bit chopped onion in the mix. Make small balls. Then roll those ball on biscuits powder and fry them. 3)sooji

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| Jun 04, 2017

You can try poha, daliya with vegetables, upma, dosa. I also make French fries, besan ka pooda, bread roll, bread pakora, or make roti with flour made of dal. I give her veggies like lauki and also. I also give her yoghurt, and fruits like mango, papaya, plums, banana, etc. For milk items, I make milk daliya or milk oats with sugar in both. We need to inculcate a habit in them to eat whatever is possible at their age.

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