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Hello my daughters mood changes very oftenly

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Oct 21, 2016

Mood changes very oftenly. She is crying and hiding herself under cover. Not talking what she wants.. She has negative attitude... She is not sharing her toys.. Not playing with her friends... Prefer alone..

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| Nov 20, 2016

Thanks Shikha so much for explaining it...

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| Oct 22, 2016

hi Ujjwala! I understand your concerns. has this been a recent change ? has she ever complained to u about she being troubled by other children or anyone else? has any major change happened in her life for instance leaving of a family member, change of school, change of residence or her close teacher/friend leaving her etc. ? Please avoid nagging her or comparisons with other children or even scolding her . just hug her often and talk to her while taking her for a walk or for dinner alone or even an ice-cream or her favorite movie. when u feel she is comfortable to share her heart out discuss what's bothering her. avoid sharing what u feel about it , just let her Know u r there for her no matter what. let her know she can anytime come and talk to u. Ujjwala there are many occasions in life when one feels Lil weak and unable to carry on with that burden. as a parent/friend/well wisher of that perosn it becomes our responsibility to stand by his side and let him know we are not going anywhere till he feels better and all geared up again to take charge of his life. say positive things about her,make her realize her strengths, remind of her past good memories, focus on her strong points which should act as a springboard to bring back to normalcy. if u feel u could even take help of a counselor or child psychologist. hope this helps!

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