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hello my son is 11 years old and he is loosing interest in his studies dsy by day. Please suggest what should I do.

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Updated on May 18, 2016


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| May 20, 2016

Hi Bilquis, There can be many reasons for your child to lose interest in studies such as emotional instability, pressure due to workload, Not able to cope with the speed they teach in school, lack of fundamental knowledge in certain subjects, longer sessions of homework which is boring, distractions in form of media and lastly the expectations from parents. find out the root cause and work to rectify the problem. This is the stage i. e upper elementary and middle school transition period, when the studies can become overwhelming by a sudden change in academic focus and work load. So for a couple of terms, reduce your expectations from him. review his fundamentals. rectify if there is any weak area. Allow him to catch up with the pace. Avoid longer homework sessions. Keep the sessions simple and short. Avoid too much of repetitiveness for practice. Repeating too much at one stretch will not be as effective as regular shorter practice sessions. Introduce a concept, try out some activities on that concept(not necessarily pen and paper work). then move on to a different one. After a while come back and revisit the same old topic. This avoids monotony. Don't always rely on paper work. He could type in computer, try out something with a physical model, represent his ideas through diagrams or collage, make a video or slides. Use different ways to learn and share. Talk to his class teacher and inform her/him of his weak area. Ask the teacher what he/she would suggest. If he has difficulty in completing his homework, discuss it with the teacher and see if the work load can be reduced. All children are not the same. One child may take 10 min and another may take an hour to finish the same. there has to be moderation. So try to work out a plan. Good luck...

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| May 23, 2016

The key to remedy learning failure is to know why the failure is occurring and to have a systematic approach for eliminating the cause. Try Structure of Intellectual program for your child

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