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hesitation d shyness

1 to 3 years

Created by Renu Rawat
Updated on Oct 08, 2017

hi my son is 7 years old ..he is good academically but he hesitated alot in oral work ...

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| Oct 09, 2017

thanks alot

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| Oct 08, 2017

Hi Renu, Some kids are shy or hesitant to participate in class discussions, ask for doubts, giving answers or let the teacher know that he/she knows the answer. The reason could be the fear of failure, to face embarrassment if the answer is wrong, anxiety and tension that makes him forget what he knows, lack of confidence. The class set up and teacher play major role in helping the child to speak up. . So talk to his teacher and see how you can help or how she can work with him overcome his fear. one needs to follow a continuum to develop his confidence. First he can start sharing his ideas, thoughts, answers in a one-on-one basis. I. e to a student sitting next to him, then he can start sharing /discussing in a small group of 3 or 4 children, then the whole class or a bigger crowd. While studying at home, don't make him memorize his answers. Make him paraphrase what he learnt using his own words based on his understanding. When he has fear and under pressure, he tends to forget whatever he had learnt through memorization. But if he understands the concept and can paraphrase it, he will be able to handle the situation better. While paraphrasing, ensure he uses the right vocabulary in his explanation i. e right math vocabulary or scientific terms to explain.

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| Oct 08, 2017

hi Renu Rawat ! u think he has difficulty in reading?or has something ever happened when he was mocked upon while reading out aloud in front of the class?

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