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Updated on Aug 20, 2016

How to remove hesitation in child of 3 years?

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| Aug 20, 2016

hi Ruchikaa!I am assuming Sanaa to be hesitant to speak up or face people. Ruchikaa shyness is part of her personality. it's great you r taking steps at such an early stage to overcome her inhibitions and by doing so you could gradually bring her out of her shell. begin at-home. talk a lot with her. give her ample opportunities to speak by asking how her day was, what she wants to do, praise her for speaking up. u could buy her a Mike and she could practice speaking her lines in front of the mirror. u could give her a smiley or a star to motivate her. u could make her videos while she is performing, or display her pics in a collage. also u could share with relatives in front of her, talking about those pics how good she was. don't force her to perform in front of guests,as this could make her retreat to her shell. take her to the park everyday and make her mingle with agemates. Ruchikaa three things that can do wonders are, praise, motivation and perseverance from your end . on the other hand forcing her to perform in front of guests or comparison with others and even negative feedback can further push her into her shell. . hope this helps!

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