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hey hi my son is not at all showing Any interest towards his studies. basically he is good at all other things except in studies

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Oct 16, 2016

can u please help me how to educate my son about his studies and his behaviour. sometimes he is not at all sitting in front of the books

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| Oct 16, 2016

please try using books with big pictures to start with. please do not switch on the TV or use your mobile at times when you want the kids to study. please try reading books in front of your children for them to take interest in it

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| Oct 17, 2016

we all know and believe that kids learn from us most of the things. reading in front of ur child or writing or even coloring just to get the child's interest would help. if u do it they will do it. they copy us majority of the time. also you can try group studies with a single friend and the mother. my personal experience is I put my child for drawing classes just to give him that 1 hr book time may that be any book. if ur child is younger than 5 then study by fource is waste. let them be. 5bhr school is sufficient as per me. but if older then u really need to speak to your peer mothers who hv same age child for solution.

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