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hey ladies my lil ones 5 bday is cmng m out of theme as frozen theme is just now celebrated by her best frnd bday.. can you help me in choosing one nyc theme...

3 to 7 years

Created by Alka Rana Jadon
Updated on Mar 22, 2017

birthday theme other than frozen

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| Mar 22, 2017

hi Alka! beauty and the beast theme works wonder . let the gals flaunt in their long gowns and boys can dress up as they choose. set the decor accordingly with your princess favorite color's balloons and cake .

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| Mar 22, 2017

Hi Alka, You can go for OUTER SPACE PARTY. Reach for the cosmos and inspire young astronomers with a space party. Youngsters find space fascinating and there are a host of fun games and activities that can help your party blast off. Your focus can be educational space exploration or gooey grisly aliens -- whichever appeals most to your guest of honor. Cake: Your party will be out of this world with a solar system cake. Game: Ring Around Saturn Ring Toss. This is musical chairs meets the ring toss. Each guest needs a ring. You can make one for each guest by cutting the ring from the outer edge of a paper plate and covering the ring in tin foil. Write each child's name on his or her ring. Kids can decorate their rings with stickers if they like. To make Saturn, cover a coffee can with foil and stickers and place a 6-inch ball on top. The ball is Saturn, without its rings. To play the game: Play music as the kids walk in a circle around Saturn. When the music stops, players must attempt to toss their rings around Saturn. Each successful ring tosser gets a point. The player with the most points after 10 rounds wins. Party favor: Freeze-dried ice cream (astronaut food). Check stores that sell camping gear and other outdoorsy supplies. It's also available online, but order early to accommodate shipping time.

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