Hi after my pregnancy I gained too much weight,plz guide me with some tips to get back to firm body shape.


Created by Rashmi Thawali
Updated on Mar 01, 2016

Weight loss tips needed

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| Mar 10, 2016

If u r feeding mom please stop thinking of weight loss. Yeah u can drink warm water vd a pinch of black pepper n cinnamon. N try mild exercises. Don't go on diet please. After u hv stopped feeding u can add green tea vd same remedy around 3 times a day n instead of having dinner just hv 1 banana. It has been helpful to me. (for green tea 1 full glass of water. )

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| Mar 01, 2016

Hi Rashmi, weight gain after a delivery is very obvious due to n number of reasons. But there are few things to follow in your daily routine to burn some calories and get back to the shape. 1. Breastfeeding burns 600 to 800 calories a day, even if all you do is sit comfortably and feed your baby, you could still be losing weight. 2. Break your meals into 5-6 small meals. 3. DO NOT skip meals. 4. Eat green vegetables n fruits to satisfy your hunger. 5. Move to non fat milk n milk products. 6. Drink more water. 7. Ditch all junk food. If it's been months of doing all the right things, working out regularly and eating correctly and you still can't shed any weight or are actually gaining more, talk to your doctor.

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| Mar 01, 2016

Hi Rashmi, here's a blog that may help you-

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