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Hi all, I have a doubt in breastfeeding

Ramya Alaguvel
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Feb 14, 2016

Dear all, I have a 19 months old daughter. I didn't stop her breastfeeding but nowadays only at night s. Sometimes due to my sleeping position I may not be able to feed from my left one . Does it get spoiled if not fed for two to three days? Is it safe to feed my baby on 4th night? One of friends said its not safe to feed her so, it may cause illness. Kindly advice me in this regard. .

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Pallavi Prashanth

| Apr 15, 2016

I was advised not to do so. You can sit for a while if needed as I used to do. please expel , its not safe.

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Suchita Singh

| Feb 15, 2016

you should expel the milk if baby is not feeding. its not safe for baby and also tastes awful. ok I have not tasted but my baby used to refuse drinking milk if not fed for a day or so.

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