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Hi all.. my daughter is in 5th and not studying by herself. not concentrating on studies. easily gets tired.. pl help

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Updated on Mar 18, 2017

my daughter is in 5th.. since I am a working women and have a small daughter of 3 years... not able to concentrate on elder daughters studies.. She doesn't study herself.. goes to class and mug up everything... she gets tired easily and lack of concentration is too much.. pl help

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| Mar 18, 2017

hi Pradnya Mane! I understand your concerns. mugging up would not help her in the longer run as her concepts would not be clear and in senior classes , questions are not direct but have to be inferred from what she knows already . please inculcate reading habit. before moving to questions and answers, she should first go through the chapter twice at least and Mark important points including difficult words. based on that u could give her timed test papers. also whatever time u get help her solve things she is not able to understand. self-studying is very important. before leaving for office allocate her work, that she is supposed to do on her own. correct it and make her do corrections once u r back. keep asking her questions and supervise her everyday work . take help of other family members in helping her study. during weekends make the most of it by reading ahead of what is going to be taught in class,revise chapters and concepts. give her a healthy nutritious diet. hope this helps!

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