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Shim Roz
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Updated on Dec 15, 2015

my son is ten months old i give him cerelac n khichdi dal rice smtyms wat extra i can include in his diet plz suggest me

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Parul Mehrotra

| Dec 15, 2015

Hi Shim , 1) U can give Sooji or Dalia in any form ( sweet or salty) . while cooking u can include Carrot , tomato or any veg. 2) Roti/Chapati with milk after properly mashing or grinding. 3) Vegetable Soup 4) Fruits or Fruit jucies My baby is 9 months old & my doctor has advised me to start giving everything now in small quantity so that baby's taste start developing. Avoid Cerelac if possible coz my doctor strictly told me not to include cerelac in baby's diet instead try to give home made fresh food so that baby can get all natural minerals & vitamins. Only point to be remembered is that it should not be very spicy & should be properly mashed / grinded so that baby can eat it easily. Hope it will help !! :-)

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