hi friends my son is very active and he need people surounding him but we live in nuclear family so he become very attached with me so how handle the situation

1 to 3 years

Created by Srushti Doodhwala
Updated on Jun 13, 2016

play and talk

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| Dec 29, 2016

Take him to Open places like parks for kids and let him socialize...

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| Jun 14, 2016

Hi u can also try engaging him in other things... he will feel gd If u give him some toys with sounds.. U can try first sitting wD him. n playing wd such toys... than keep sitting only n do some work while letting him. play with sound or visual clue toys... u keep doing ur work n talk to him n attend him in between but very less.. Gradually try moving away for some time ..n tell him that ull be back soom.. for example going to other room or kitchen to put something n come back. After hard practice... than u can make him sit in lobby or an area where u can watch him n he can watch u while playing n u keep working.

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| Jun 13, 2016

i found the solution on this and it is working.. that is when your child s awake simply play with him give ur full time to him and when he sleeps in that time u do ur all house hold work.. playing games dancing music singing some little activities if possible u can involve him in your work too

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| Jun 13, 2016

Spend more and more time with him

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