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Hi, i am anjali bhardawaj,mother of 3years old child.

3 to 7 years

Created by Anjali Bhardwaj
Updated on Mar 25, 2015

I Have a 3 Years old daughter child. She is hyperactive child more focused in all the field but less concentrated on any field. How to handle such a hyperactive child i mean most of the time her activties irritats me tat i started scoulding at her. Moreover she is hard to control most of the time.

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| Mar 30, 2015

Thanks carol. i wud be back to u with some more queries very soon.

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| Mar 29, 2015

Hi Anjali, As I said before child proof your house first. No sharp edges, no sharp object within her reach, bathroom doors closed (to avoid drowning accidents), no heavy things above her head that she could pull down, no medicine or cleaning agents or poisonous things within her reach, no open electric sockets, no tiny objects which could cause choking hazard, no strings or rope within her reach (could cause strangulation), no plastic bags within her reach, use door stoppers to keep them from closing, no live wires seen outside, no candle or fire within her reach. Once you child proof your house, you can leave your daughter unattended without much tension for a while say 10 to 15 mins. First leave her unattended for 5 mins and gradually increase the time so she learns to play on her own and doesn't depend on you to guide her what to play or how to play. Like Ankita said, find out the activities which she likes to focus on more time. My son used to like anything that makes a mess. So I used to leave him at a safe distance from kitchen where I can watch him . And i used to tape the newspaper or construction chart paper on the floor and keep a plastic table on the paper and leave some washable water colours ( which is also not skin allergic) in a paint palette. He used to spend about half an hour in mixing the colours and even painting his hand and body. I agree that you will have more work cleaning up. But since you have the paper underneath, you can just throw away the paper and wash the plastic table under running water. Similarly I used to make some home made dough with plain flour (maida) and salt with food color. It can be stored in the fridge after she finishes playing and it's not hazardous to health even if your child eats it. First of all one can't eat it as it will be very salty. Because, to make the salt dough I use 1/2 cup of salt for one cup of maida and a teaspoon of vegetable oil (to make it pliable). Give plastic cookie cutters and plastic knife to play with. Don't try to make an elaborate cooking. Keep it simple. You could also leave one of the kitchen draws with some pots and pans that are safe to play with and leave it open. Children love to make noise with the pans. The sound of the pans will be annoying. But think of the advantage - you get to finish your work. You could even give different sizes of pans or tumblers for her to stack them up. She will be within your sight but at the same time occupied in doing something. Get some toys that don't have choking hazards like peg animal puzzle, shape sorter. You could allow her to play near you. When your child takes nap, you take time to spend for yourself. Do not try to finish your work when she sleeps. You could Sleep or read, watch tv, do crafting, listen to music or do whatever that keeps you relaxed so you get some rest and refreshed to start your work again.

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| Mar 28, 2015

thanks ankita. i m very much glad to come in touch with u After joining here and have a very peaceful and problem solving conversation with u all. Sometime i use to get her involved with her in every her desired activities but nt possible to be wth her every second as she wanted attention from me. so can u suggest me to deal with such situation becoz u knw tat along with all household activities its not possible to giv her attention every second. So this lays unneccessary pressure on my head which comes out at scoulding her as a result. after very soon i realizes that she is too small to understand anything. i should nt yelled to her like thus way. so kindly suggest me for the same mentioned problem.

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| Mar 28, 2015

Anjali Bhardwaj, Even with my daughter I had the same issues. the teachers at her school advised that i needed to get her involved in activities that required focus building such as sorting. mix some beans such as rajma, channa, black channa, and lobiya together and ask her to sort them out. you may need to supervise her. this activity will instill concentration in her.

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| Mar 26, 2015

Hi Anjali, Like any toddler your little girl is oozing with energy. Toddlers are always curious and would like to explore and they don't want to miss out on anything. For this reason most children refuse to take naps. Moreover they have a very little attention span. So she keeps switching between activities. I used to follow a routine consistently and stick to a time frame. That would help the child understand what comes next and what to expect. I used to make a list of activities to keep my son engaged and plan each activity for a short duration say 15 or 20 minutes. for example i used to have a List of activities such as outdoor play time, colouring time, painting time, playing with building blocks, puzzle, musical toys, water play, playing with dough, story time etc. and I used to plan for few activities from the list for each day and keep rotating these activities to keep my son interested on doing the activities. If the child is engaged in activities, he/she won't be bored and won't be looking for things to do on their own and we could avoid surprises. try to child proof your house and keep any item that are organised/ arranged, out of her reach to avoid the mess she could make. This would reduce half of your stress. Allow her to spend her energy outdoor running, jumping, hopping. Reduce her sugar intake too. That would bring down their hyperenergy level. Avoid soft drinks. Hope these help.

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