Child Psychology and Behaviour

Hi I am narmada my kid is 3 year 11 months normally he is good boy when he is aungry he is behaving nauty please tell me how to reduce that habbit to my son

Narmada K

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Feb 26, 2016


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Shikha Batra

| Feb 26, 2016

Hi Narmada! Usually children are unable to control hunger and they get impatient when their demands are not met with immediately. They would throw tantrums, keep on repeating that they are hungry, lie down on floor or throw away things. It is advisable to make a fixed routine for him where there is more or less fixed time for everything including mealtime. Also avoid giving in to his demands to give him junk food or biscuits/juices etc. Serve him healthy nutritious meals around that time. U could also try and teach him better ways of communicating his needs. Hope this helps!

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 26, 2016

Hi Narmada what do you want to know?

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