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hi mam I'm Mrs Bharati ritesh nichat

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Updated on Feb 26, 2018

Mam my child is listening so many songs on lapi and can play games on phne also he much fond of music I hv just started in school but he never leave me for one minute also. a and I want to start job will you plZ help in how can I leave him and start job.. Mam he dint like Apple to eat not eating any types of fruit so mam what can I give him for best nutrition.. plz help me

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| Feb 27, 2018

hi Ritesh B Nichat ! I would take it up one by one.. he Listens to music ,so u can plan activities for him to keep him occupied and reduce gadget time to 45 minutes a day. he doenst leave u, so u could take him to park everyday, let him play with age mates.. organise play dates with them.. also plan activities which he could do independently in yr supervision. he doenst eat apple , so u could try it in a hidden form say apple pie,apple custard, shakes. etc.. or introduce it again at a later stage.. meanwhile try banana , chikoo, mamgo strawberry etc.

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