Hi.. my 10mnth daughter is having frequent diaper rash. we consulted paediatric n followed mdcns accordingly. bt i guess the infection is still there. plz help.

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Created by Banya Dash
Updated on Aug 21, 2017

diaper rash

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| Aug 21, 2017

Hii, actualy 10 month baby's pee is in much amount so it makes the diaper wet soon and a healthy baby pee very frequent. So if u are at home i suggest don't use diapers even in night too, otherwise the infection may turn into urinary tract infection which may be a nightmare. Plz reconsult ur pediatrician asap if u feel its irritating to him. Otherwise it will be fine within some days by using some moisturizing creams. When u need need to use diapers firstly make ur baby skin dry by wipes and rub some baby powder on whole diaper area specialy in thigh pits. I guess it will help u.

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| Aug 21, 2017

Reconsult paediatrician again. Wet skin is the cause of rashes. Check her diaper frequently and wipe clean at each diaper change. Keep baby without diaper or in cloth nappy for at least 4 hr in a day. Skin needs ventilation. It might be possible that the diaper is not comfortable. May be the diaper brand or the size can be the issue. Check out. Change diaper after max 4hrs even if not full yet. You may also use homemade white butter or mixture of Neem oil + coconut oil in ratio 1:5 to cure & avoid rashes or an anti-rash cream on every diaper change, this protects baby's skin.

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