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Hi My 4 year kid is not interested in coloring n writing . As nursery classes have started and he is not ready to hold the crayons or pencil. he wants sketch pen but for proper gripping crayons are good. Syllabus is going ahead and he is not simply not interested in writing. I have tried every possible way to develop his interest but nothing works. Please help.

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Updated on May 24, 2020

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| May 24, 2020

Hi Shweta Kumar ! Let him do fine motor activities like scissoring, folding papers, tearing papers, hold big crayons,chalk piece and sketch and let him scribble, draw circles, lines, and cross which helps her better finger grip to hold pencil and flexibility to start writing. Give time daily for an hour. Don't force for doing study.

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| Jun 08, 2020

Hi Shweta Kumar ! A preschooler knows how to exercise his will and manipulate his parents. So the more you will be after him to do a particular thing in a particular manner, the chances are more he is going to do the opposite. so first of all don't panic, do not tell him what to do, just keep all the options in front of him and let him explore and find out for himself what is that he likes to do. You could try different mediums and surfaces for the child to write on such as a plate of rice or flour, sand, white board, chalkboard,foggy mirror. please do not try to restrict learning to just pen,paper or crayons. let him enjoy study time by making the tasks fun. take lead from what he finds interesting and plan the activities around that rather than the other way around. Make him feel he is the one who is driving and not the other way around.

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