Hi my baby girl is just 1 and half month old is she need any type of injection now?

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Updated on Sep 14, 2019


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| Sep 14, 2019

hi Lalit !this is the schedule . please go through it.        1 Month :::HEPATATIS B (2nd Dose)  ,           2 Month: OPV1/OPV1+IPV1 DPT/DTap (1st Dose) HIB (1st Dose) ROTAVIRUS(1st Dose) PCV(1st Dose).             3 Month::: OPV2/OPV2+IPV2 DPT/DTap (2nd Dose) HIB (2nd Dose) ROTAVIRUS(2nd Dose) PCV (2nd Dose).           4 Month::: OPV3/OPV3+IPV3: DTP/DTap(3rd Dose) HIB(3rd Dose) PCV(3rd Dose) ROTAVIRUS(3rd Dose).           6 Month :::  Hepatitis B(3rd Dose)   ,         9 Month::   MMR(measles, mumps and rubella)     ,    12 Month   ::Hepatitis A   ,      15-18 Month  : MMR (Booster Dose).

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