Hi, My child is 5 years , he is the only kid at thr home at present, fully pampered by grand parents.

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Updated on Jun 15, 2017

My kid doesn't eat fruits except mango and banana sometimes, how i make him eat other fruits as well.

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| Jun 15, 2017

hi Aditi Jaggi! children just do not like to eat fruits which add to the woes of parents. few ideas that could help in this case would be make having fruits a ritual in your house. have a plate for yourself, don't ask the child everyday, he would sooner or later ask u to make him taste and might soon be up for it . never scold the child for not having it, as it's not the idea of having fruits as such to which he could be against but the scoldings eventually could make him averse. always praise your child for tasting. supposedly u made a dish with fruits , if he volunteers to taste it, don't forget to praise him. coming to my own case my girls never liked fruits and i never forced them. last year, to my surprise my girl on her own requested me to make a plate for her too and too my surprise she said ' Mumma why didn't u give this to me earlier, from now on make a plate for me too everyday". it's just that she wants to add lil Chaat masala to it. seeing elder one the lil one too joined the bandwagon. so it worked for me. hope this will be of help to u as well!

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