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Hi My child maximum time dreaming in class. I am not able to understand what's going on his mind. What to do

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 17, 2017


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| Jul 17, 2017

Hi Yogita, check the following to find why he is not being mindful in school 1) not enough rest - check if he gets enough number hours of sleep the previous night. 2) tiredness - does he travel to school for a long time that makes him very tired by the time he reaches school? 3)Food - does he eat too much of carbohydrate in the morning that makes him dull during class? or does he eat less that he doesn't have enough energy to focus in class 4)Boredom - Is there any language issue that he doesn't understand what is being taught? Or does he find difficult to understand a particular topic that he doesn't want to listen teacher's instructions. (If yes you may want to give some heads up at home) or does he already know everything that is being taught in class that he feels bored and doesn't want to listen 5) screen - Does he play in any hand held device (phone, tab, laptop) in the morning before leaving for school or while travelling to school in car/van 6) does he get enough physical exercise?. Finding the root cause would help you solve the problem. Good luck..

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| Aug 05, 2017

Thanks. I'll try to find which type of issue facing my child based on your valuable suggestions.

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