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Hi my daughter 6 month old .... she got cold nd cough

Shyam Lee

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Jan 23, 2016

Hi my daughter 6 month old .... she got cold nd cough .... i gave her 2. 5 ml sinarest af syrup ... She s a pre mayure baby ... 2. 5 ml is rite r not ... pls let me know

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aarti kamble

| Jun 08, 2016

make a call to dr and talk or read instructn on cinarest u given

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Shyam Lee

| Jan 23, 2016

Thanks for yr valuable reply Dr.. Will do as u suggested ...

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Rohini Motwani

| Jan 23, 2016

Hello, i wil suggest you to please visit your babys paediatrician, dose of drug is decided by the weight of ur baby n how much pcm is in the drug.. Please dont give any drug without consulting, right dose is important to cure baby, higher doses can b harmful for her liver.

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