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Hi, My daughter is 2. 7 year old. She is completely diaper free during the day. How to stop her night time diaper? Thanks, Aditi

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Updated on Aug 31, 2015

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| Sep 01, 2015

aditi, before making her sleep, ensure you lead her to the washroom once. Also, you must be aware of her routine slightly... does she pee every 2 hours or 3 hours... according to that, you can put an alarm and wake up and take her to the washroom every 3 hours in the night. for eg: if she sleeps at 10:00, make her pee then... then maybe once around 1:00, and then again early morning at around 5:00. To make it simpler, everytime you or your husband wake up in the night, she could be taken to the washroom. Also, if she wets the bed, she will wake up... try and notice the time and you will know her cycle... approx what time she pees every night. And 15-20 mins before that time, lead her to the washroom. All this must be sounding difficult to you, and there will still be accidents, but eventually children around 3-3. 5 years learn bladder control also and so she will not need nighttime walks to the bathroom anymore. She will be able to control herself till the morning and biological clock will also get set accordingly. Hope this helps

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| Sep 02, 2015

Thanks a lot Ankita,I will surely try these tips ????

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| Sep 03, 2015

Hi my son is 2. 5 months old... he is diaper free too during the day but when i wake him up during the night to go to washroom he simply refuses to go and starts crying. So i m left with no option but to let him donit inside the diaper in mronging or so. Since he holds his urin for good more than 6 houra

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