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hi my daughter is 7 years old she is very emotional cries on small things and sometimes gets very aggressive and stars screaming

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Created by Parul Arora
Updated on Jan 18, 2017

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| Feb 08, 2017

i will suggest a outdoor game activity like football, skating or cycling with her like age groups. this will built confidence in her and she wil feel strong and outward.. talk to her calmly and softly.

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| Jan 18, 2017

hi Parul Arora! please find out what's bothering her. talk it out. take her for a walk, spend time with her, let her open up and avoid being judgemental. work on the bond that u share with her. praise her each time she is good, avoid complaining about her, rather discuss when she is in a mood , how she could have behaved differently. talking it out and discussions can only solve confusions. Parul she needs your love and support , please be around and understand what's bothering her. let her express herself openly with u. let your shoulder be there always for her to lean on. she still needs your hugs and kisses. shower your love on her. and if u feel there are issues at home or school which are bothering her, please work on those. hope this helps!!

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| Jan 18, 2017

Hi Parul, like you said she is emotional so just ensure that you handle her with patience. However, be firm when she starts throwing tantrums and be clear that you will talk only when she is calm enough to talk.

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