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Hi my kid is 8 yrs old

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Jun 05, 2016

She is full of questions,she never sits at one place even for a minute,she thinks that she knows everything,she talks continuously ,she gets attracted by others and behaves like them for some time how to control her plz suggest

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| Jun 05, 2016

Hi P Swetha! How r u! U r blessed with an exceptionally brilliant child who is extremely cheerful and wants to know more. Consider yourself blessed. If u would snub her each time she approaches u, she would be scared and her mind would stop being inquisitive. Children want to know about things around and seek help of parents to explore their surroundings. If u feel her question is inappropriate or u r unable to answer it, reframe it or ask her to wait till particular time so that u could find the answer. Regarding imitating others , her personality is building and she is trying to build her self concept though what others perception is about her . She wants to be in the good books of others. P Swetha she is having age related changes which are appropriate for her age .if she doesn't get your support in this,chances are she might turn to unreliable and probably unsafe sources to quench her curiosity to know more. Be her strength and help her by understanding and appreciating her. hope this helps!

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| Jun 06, 2016

Thank u mam il definitely support her

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| Jun 11, 2016

hi my child is 3 years old.. n he is very active he is going to nursery class my problem is he is very active his mam is saying he is hyperaktive child. how to control him make him understand the small things.

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