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HI my son darshil is one n half years old but he doesn't like eat meal properly so please tell me how can I cook testy food for him

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Created by Sangita Tejas
Updated on Jul 03, 2016

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| Jul 10, 2016

Hello Sangita. Do not get hung up on, that your son is not eating meal regularly for today. Take into account what he has eaten over past few days. A child may eat well one day and another day practically might not eat anything. Broadly, if the child is growing and gaining weight as according to his age, then everything is under control. Children who will fill up their stomach with milk will surely not feel hungry for solids. To start with, try to establish a healthy mealtime in which offer him small amount of healthy snacks. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner at fairly consistent time. Offer milk only as a filler somewhere between the two meal times. You could also add some fruits with milk as smoothies to make it more nutritional. Happy Parenting

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| Jul 10, 2016

thanks ruchira I always trying as per you said but my son dose not eat meal regularly... he wants to drink only milk with bottle

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| Jul 04, 2016

Hello Sangita, A 1 ½ year old toddler will be more interested in moving around and being busy in various activities. Sitting at on place and eating will never be his priority list. Hence, here comes the role of the parent to make the meal time a little fun time for their baby. Read him stories, singing songs, mimicking around etc. Anything which brings a smile on his face will surely allow the food to be accepted happily. The meal time even if you give a regular meal palate but it’s the way that you make the time enjoyable for him will make a difference.

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