Child Psychology and Behaviour

Hi, my son is 3yrs 7 months old.. I dont know how to handle him, as i get angry n i dont want to get angry on my son. He is not listening to me at all. Pls help

Shambhavi Nirantar Oak

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Feb 07, 2016

Child doesnt listen

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Shambhavi Nirantar Oak

| Feb 18, 2016

Thanks shikha bhatt ji... Will definately try it

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Shikha Batra

| Feb 07, 2016

Hi Shambhavi! I believe u need to bring a change in yr strategy. Getting angry might make him stubborn and even retaliate. it's advisable avoid situations which leads to difference of opinion. If these are unavoidable then think about it and find out the point where he disobeys u. Try to handle the same situation differently. Tell yourself u will not raise your voice no matter what. Make him sit and Make an eye contact with him and talk politely rather than giving orders. Be firm in your tone but calm and cool. If he wants to say something while discussing ask him to be polite and share his point of view. if you are OK with his thoughts then appreciate him for givING such a good suggestion. If u r not OK, then u could tell him,How about doing it this way? Trust me there is no harm in sometimes doing things the way a child wants. Shambhavi, we want the child to grow up into a good human being not essentially by making him do things the way we want but by letting him grow at his own pace,utilizing his strengths , motivating him and helping him overcome his not so strong points with love,patience and being a role model ourself. Hope this helps!

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child psychology and behaviour


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