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Hi, my son is 6 years old. He acts very angry to his grandmother and sometimes even with me also. He don't respect his grandmother. Now he is very aggressive.

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Updated on Aug 15, 2020

Child temperament He respects every one except her. His grandmother is also used to do argue with him. I tried to understand both of them but no one is ready to understand. Please suggest me how and what i have to do.

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| Aug 15, 2020

Hi Archana Raj ! I do understand your concern. You can make sure everyone at home treats her with respect. also sometimes people in old age become less patient ( which is normal) and react to child's and others mistakes . May be the child doesnt like that . You need to talk to the child and let him know about how much pain and efforts she must have taken in raising his father. Show him the old pictures of her. Alos discuss with him why grandparents get impatient with age and what issues they face in old age. Let this be a discussion over a period of time. i am sure with time and after knowing facts he would begin to respect her.

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