Hi my son is 7 month old

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Created by Suma Lokesh
Updated on Dec 20, 2015

what all can I feed him & m planning to my native it's 5 he journey in car what all I should carry

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| Dec 21, 2015

Hi Suma you can give a variety of fruits to him so that he can enjoy the different tastes n textures. I give grated apple to my daughter(8mnths old) instead of boiling it. You can also steam and give. Banana, papaya, chikoo, oranges can be given. Also try vegetables like doodhi/bottle gourd, potato, sweet potato,carrot steamed and mashed properly. Ragi, sooji can also be given. Please remember to wait for atleast 3-4 days before introducing anything new. Depending on what time of the day you are travelling. .you will require to carry whatever he eats at that particular time. If you are formula feeding then bottles and boiled warm water in a thermos, carry extra set of clothes,wipes, diaper changes, his favourite toys/book to keep him engaged for smetime. Believe me he will be sleeping for a few hours anyway!:) All the best!

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