Child Psychology and Behaviour

hi. One of my friend's son is not interested in studies. how can she make him to study? He is in 5th class n v. sharp and always make excuses for not studying

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Mar 24, 2017

child psychology and behaviour

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| Mar 25, 2017

hi kamaldeep kaur! Hope u r doing good! u can ask your friend to involve a responsible authority figure whom the boy listens to. or even the father can have some serious discussion with him wherein he ( child in q) is asked to share his future plans, short term and long term goals. he needs counseling and an adult needs to be involved who could supervise his day to day performance. he could be registered with some competitive exams such as Olympiads and NTSE etc. which could make him realize where he stands​ . this would be an eye opener for him and probably such discussions would help him understand how much it's important to study and utilize time which would help him perform upto his ability. also help him set a routine which he needs to follow religiously. hope This helps!

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