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Hi parents. My 1 year old baby is addicted to bottle feed. She needs bottle everytime she wants to sleep. I want to avoid bottle now and switch to glass.

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Updated on Sep 28, 2016

Switching from bottle to glass or sipper

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| Sep 28, 2016

some how I really don't understand y u want to switch ....see main perpose is that milk sud go inside. via bottle or via glass. I knw docs n many ppl here will say bottle is not a good option which I fail to understand why?? sometimes kids get some smell from glass n thy just leave milk forever... n glass will take hours n hours to finish whr bottle is just 5 mins task. a time will come when ur child will automatically leave bottle on its own I guess wait for that. with bottle nothing happens to teeth it's only coz of higine perpose docs say no to bottles. but today I guess we keep good care of bottle higine.

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