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Sarbani Dutta
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Updated on Nov 20, 2015

my son was 1month old since last 2 day he is vomiting after taking breast milk and i do burping frequently. When he do potty he do a lot of pressures nd cry a lot. Before that he never cry during poty. Is ths normal. ?

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Neha Jain

| Nov 22, 2015

Mother's diet is very important for any child feeding on breast milk. Avoid citric food, chole, rajma, Ural Chana etc Eat food with no or Lil spices. Try surviving on Oats, Dahlia etc for atleast, 2-3 months. They gradually change the food habits. It will help child get used to the variety of foods you take in

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Mohanapriya J

| Nov 21, 2015

Hi Even my son had the same problem for first 2 months... U try restricting eating gas producing veggies... drink jeera water for digestion..

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