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Updated on Jul 02, 2016

My LO completing 4 months on 9th July. He catched the fever on 28 June n it was 101. we were worried n thought it is weather change fever but when it goes to 102 no improvement seen on,30th June we came to the doctar n he took blood test there is a high blood infection n his CRP creactive protein level is 6. 11 which is very high doctar giving antibiotics through blood to him. 4 doses already give n lil improvement which we seen is fever increasing duration is now long but fever still there. Here my question is what is the reason of this infection to my lil LO n what precaution we should take. Although my doctar will check but I am worried to much n asking here to check any other Mother who also experience the same. Mommies please share your experience

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| Jul 02, 2016

please sterilize all baby's utensils toys. wash his towels ,bedspread, cloth nappy, clothes frequently in hot water. wash his toys atleast twice a week . wash your hands before feeding him. these precautions are necessary to prevent infection. please follow your doctor's advice carefully. hope your child gets well soon.

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