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hi,my son is 6 months old.... As now a days, to seek admission in desired school is quite difficult. i have heard that now a days we can register our new born child in advance. can u pls guide me on this...

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Updated on Feb 26, 2013

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| Mar 01, 2013

Hi Anamika, May be I am knew to comment on this but What I feel that these days so many new school are growing with good course of actions and well suited for kids. so there will be strong chance to get in good school[could be new school] which recently opened and having capability to be good care for kids also. Personally, we should start thinking just before 6-9 months for admission. It's a completely personal opinion. :)

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| Feb 28, 2013

Neetu & Rashmi--thanx for d reply.. m not going to register him right now. but main concerned is that is it possible what i have heard, that's it..

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| Feb 27, 2013

Hi Anamika, I second Neetu on this one. Although admission process can get tedious, you might want to wait since there's no guarantee that a school which is good now will maintain their quality three to four years down the line. For now enjoy your six month old's goo goo and gaa gaa... keep the worries aside for some time :)

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| Feb 26, 2013

hey Anamika, I would advise against this, since we are not sure what may happen in the coming years, we might move to a new place or find a better school than the one we 'book'. It is true taht school admission is not easy these days, if you do wish to register your child, it will be a good idea to make sure of the school's refund policy and get everything in writing, just in case you change your mind later on. tc

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