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Updated on Apr 01, 2015

Dear All, I here again to seek you help and suggestions. My son promoted to Kinder garden. I lately here about issues writing hindi and understanding matras. Could you pls suggest me how make it easier to make my him understand. It would be great if you could suggest me some online educational sites for the same. Thanks. Aarti Mehan

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| Apr 01, 2015

Hi Arti! How are u doing? Well hindi matras are indeed difficult for children to grasp. U could try following methods : 1. Attach fun with Learning. For example while teaching chotta ae, u could show by stretching yr hand how matra would come on top. For Bada ae, use both hands. Child would grasp it easily. 2. Give examples. Say for ex. if a matra comes in his name u could teach him. 3. give all reinforcements say visual by showing pics, sound by repeating and make him repeat after u, tactile by making sand paper alphabets and making him run his finger on the same. 4. kids need Repetition. So take 2 weeks at least to teach one matra. 5. Show him matras if u read on hoardings, pamphlets, newspaper, etc. 6. U could buy books with matras and corresponding pictures. 7. use different means like writing in flour, with chalkboard or with colored pens or using clay. u could buy cd's on matras and show him everyday. Hope these tricks help.

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| Apr 02, 2015

Hi Aarti, try this website Don't have any personal experience using it though..

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| Apr 06, 2015

Thanks so much Shika and Carol for your suggestions.

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