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Updated on Jul 15, 2015

Hello friends, My daughter is 2. 8 years old and she is a single child and we have 5 members at home (in-laws, husband, me, my daughter). I am facing a problem which I was ignoring earlier but one of my friend told me that if u don't stop her at this age, it would become worse at later stage. Being a single child at home, everyone pampers her a lot and she is very aggressive child too but she is quite when she is not at home (shopping, school, park). Problem is if she is not able to do something or if she is calling someone and no one is listening to her in one go or if she is not getting what she wants then she starts hitting herself with her hands and from past few days, she has started hitting her head to a pillow or bed or anything with is reachable to her. I have told her very firmly that raizel don't hit urself rather ask for help. Now I have started hitting her at her forehead. I tell her that if u hit urself then mumma will hit u. Then she starts crying and go to other family member then I tell my in laws or husband that don't talk to her. Finally she comes back to me and says sorry. I am not sure whether I am doing it correctly or not. Please suggest me to handle this situation. Thanks

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| Jul 15, 2015

Hi Taruna, This seems like an attention seeking activity on raizel's part. I suggest that when she is in one of these fits, sit down at her level, hold her hands and looking straight into her eyes tell her that this is incorrect and if she does it again, you will definitely not listen to her. and she should calm down. 2) involve your entire family and tell them that they should not support her in this and even if she comes crying to them, they should tell her to listen to mumma. 3) when she is throwing a tantrum, do not listen to her/ignore her (categorically telling her that you will listen to her only when she calms down)... let her hit herself till she tires out. it will be a battle of wills and you will need to come atop to guide her in positive direction. once she gets the hint, that my behaviour will not provoke mumma into a reaction, she will give up 4) tell everyone in the family to ignore her as well at such times. I know this sounds easier said than done, but you have to be firm. hope this helps.

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