hitting other children

1 to 3 years

Created by Nandini Paliwal
Updated on May 23, 2017

hii this is Nandini.. my son Tarun beats n push other in play ground or school n also bites,how could i stop all of these things. plz help

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| May 25, 2017

thanks for suggestions

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| May 23, 2017

Dear Nandini, a childgenerally hits an other child when when he is scared or insecured or confused. Try to find out what is bothering him. Try to assure him that they are his friends and they want to play with him... and they will not harm him or take away his toys. Tell him good moral stories highlighting the virtue like unity, patience, friendliness etc. Also tell him that it hurts badly. Tell him a hitting is a bad quality and a nice boy like him should not have this habit.

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| May 23, 2017

Hi... what I think is that whenever child needs attention of any kind he or she starts behaving like that. Else he is sleepy or hungry but can't express his feelings... then only he bites or pushes others. I think u must accompany him to the park n help him getting mixed up with other children. And do carry some food items n water and make him comfortable after regular intervals of time. Hug him whenever he kicks a ball, clap for him if he plays with others. At night you can show videos related to friendship n helping others. Hope this ll help.. give him as much attention as you can.

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