Hitting screaming and yelling infront of tge baby

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Updated on Nov 25, 2018

My SIL is staying with us for five months. And she has a 7 year old daughter. The kid is very adamant and starts hitting everyone if she doesn't get what she asks for. She screams,yells and fights the whole day. She never listens to what anyone says. And she keep eating food the whole day (eats the baby food too!). Im scared my son will pick up some of her traits like hitting and yelling at people. Is it safe for my 8 month old son to grow up around her?

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| Nov 25, 2018

hi bubu8! i I can understand yr concern. u could talk to yr SIL and help her understand she needs to do something about it.. by dealing with love and patience and explaining politely the girl might calm down and behave properly.. help your SIL in this. i am sure with yr help she will be able to tackle this situation.

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