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Updated on Jul 06, 2018

The Next Generation Smart food for your babies As a mom, I was so excited when my daughter was six months old, to watch her try the very first foods. I was really looking forward to start this journey with my little one. As I do, I was gathering as much information as possible. I was reaching out to my friends and family, reading articles and books and of course, to the paediatrician. I was mostly suggested with store bought instant foods. Ever since the great Johnson’s controversy some time back I thought twice before buying anything that comes in a packet. In such a situation, it’s worth your while as a parent, to take a better look at store bought baby food mixes. I started switching to real food when I started learning about nutrition and what important role it plays in everyone’s health. As first foods for my daughter, I tried different combinations of millets and grains. My baby loved them all. Now she eats a great variety of foods and I am happy to give her a good start in life and healthy eating habits. Many moms couldn’t prepare fresh and healthy foods out of their busy schedule. I wanted to ensure that their little ones eat well all day long even though they are not around to plan and cook every meal. With Mom’s Healthy Meal · You know exactly what your baby is eating · You know that the ingredients are fresh and healthy · You’d be happier to feed your child a homemade baby food mix and be glad you’re doing the right thing! 100% organic, homemade, no added preservatives and artificial flavours To place order whatsapp 9677666933 How to place order 1. You can give me list with required quantity through whatsapp private message 9677666933 2. Share your full address and pincode and phone number (should be reachable to courier guys) 3. Your order is then accepted 4. Make payment 5. Your order will be despatched in next 4-5 working days. 6. Note: all orders are prepared fresh everytime for each customer. Since it's baby food I don't want to prepare and store in advance. Orders are prepared fresh. Or shop with us on Facebook Join us for receipes for kids YouTube channel link Stay healthy and happy

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| Jul 07, 2018

please post yr concerns regarding yr child here.

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