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Homemade cerelac

Apeksha Agrawal
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Nov 04, 2015

is the best recipe for infants after introducing solid foods to baby easy to digest and easy to cook. Ingredients Moong dal 1 cup(100gms) Tuar dal 1/2cup Brown rice 1cup (can also take white rice) Daliya 1cup Wash all the ingredients well in water and let them dry after that roast ingredients separately. And then grind all of them in smooth texture like flour and sieve it. And u can preserve it in air tight container. When u want to feed ur baby just take pressure cooker and add ghee 4 drops and take 1-2spoon of ur home made cerelac depends on ur baby age and 4times water and cook for 2whistel. You can add pinch of salt but it's optional . And your cereal feed is ready .. Substitute of khichdi daliya all things. We can add veggies also to make it extra nutritious.

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